Ready to discuss your job?


Get 10% to 25% commission on sales after successful completion of any project.

Referred Sales: 10% to 15% Commission.
All you have to do is introduce your contact to us and we’ll do the project discussion and negotiation. You’ll receive your one time sales commission upon the project completion

Direct Sales: 15% to 25% Commission.
You’ll do the project discussion and negotiation on our behalf. After a successful sales, all future updates and maintenance of that project will be done through you and you’ll keep getting your commissions.

Increasing the pricing with the same services doesn’t make sense?
Yes, you are right. It’s totally up to you to make service adjustments to make senses to the pricing and we’ll get it done.

We’ll help setup your own Branch, Website, Products and Services which you’ll have complete control and you’ll decide your own commission!


Do you think our pricing is not right? Well, you can set your own price!